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human author authentication

We champion the irreplaceable essence of human creativity. As a dedicated certification service, we verify and endorse books authored by humans, upholding the distinctiveness and richness of human literature. In a world inundated with AI-generated content, our service operates as a vigilant guardian, ensuring the authenticity of the written word.

Our commitment is to shine a spotlight on genuine human creativity. We believe in the warmth, depth, and intricate nuances that only human authors can truly bring to their work. We ensure that every book we certify carries the indelible imprint of human touch, thus preserving the integrity of authorship.

Genuine creativity deserves genuine recognition. 

"The process of getting my books verified by Authortegrity was easy, fast, and thorough."

Benefit for Authors

Empowering Authors,
Celebrating Authenticity.

Authortegrity provides significant benefits to authors by lending credibility and assurance to their creative endeavors. In a literary landscape increasingly influenced by completely AI-generated content, having the Authortegrity certification can set an author’s work apart, confirming that their book is an authentic expression of human creativity. This validation not only gives authors a competitive edge but also serves to reassure their readers about the originality and authenticity of their work. 

Furthermore, Authortegrity’s recognition can potentially enhance visibility, boosting an author’s profile and helping them reach a wider audience that values and seeks out genuine, human-crafted literature.

Benefit for readers

Guiding Readers,
Valuing Human Creativity

Authortegrity provides assurance to readers, playing a vital role in preserving the rich human elements in the literature they consume. Authortegrity serves as a compass, helping readers to find authentic, human-authored books. The service allows readers to easily verify the authenticity of a book, providing them with the confirmation that the stories they delve into are born from human minds. 

Our Process

AI-Powered Initial Analysis

We have developed a proprietary mechanism of using artificial intelligence to analyze the manuscript, in order to generate a unique method of comparing the actual content to the author’s familiarity with that content. This means that our system does not check for or penalize AI-assisted writing. It’s designed to prevent the authentication of fully or extensively AI-generated content.

Expert Human Verification

Our team scrutinizes the results of the first part of the process and, if necessary, will conduct a video interview with the author to create a realistic picture of the author and their link to the work. Ultimately we want this to be an easy and comfortable process for genuine human authors.

Granting of Certification

Upon satisfactory completion all stages, the work is granted our Authortegrity certification. This certification signifies the authenticity of the human authorship, serving as a beacon of trust for readers and literary communities.

Books published prior to October 2022, according to the ISBN database, can automatically be authenticated and verified as human-written, without going through the standard authentication process. This is free, fast, and can be immediately verified by readers.