Alpha release 0.1

Welcome to the free Alpha Release 0.1 of Authortegrity – the platform dedicated to celebrating and verifying human-authored literature. As we navigate the early stages of our app, your insights are invaluable. Thank you for joining us on this pioneering journey.

Our aim is to make this application as user-friendly as possible, ensuring that genuine human-written content is authenticated quickly and easily. We also want to make it very difficult (or impossible) to authenticate books that were written with the extensive use of artificial intelligence and very little human input. Very importantly, this authentication does not check for or penalize AI-assisted writing. It is specifically created to “target” books that are mainly or exclusively AI-generated by making it very difficult for those books to be authenticated, hopefully removing the incentive to even attempt it.

Important notes on this release:

  • This release works best with authors only. Although publishers can sign up and use the app, it’s important that they add the author names that they are representing in the area provided when signing up. Furthermore, for books published after October 2022, it would be best if the authors themselves completed the main authentication parts of the process.
  • This release only works with English language books.
  • Authortegrity is unable to authenticate books of less than 100 pages that were published after October 2022.
  • Please feel free to use the Authortegrity seal and verification link once your book has been authenticated. Sharing that genuine record of authentication is what gives this service value to readers.
  • We welcome feedback on all parts of this process. Please direct that to